change the game

February 13, 2007

We, sports fans, are being let down and our experience of watching our teams is being spoiled by cheating. This site is decicated to changing the way sport is played, making sport more honest in this professional era. This can only be done through pressure on associations, sponsors, teams, players and the way the media reports it. But only if we care enough to make them change.

If we are willing to spend around 2 hours a week, in some cases more, on watching our games and supporting teams doesn’t it make sense to take an hour a week to force a change. Ultimately sport and our support of it is used to sell us stuff.

If the sponsors believe we won’t support cheats and will boycott products connected with them, they will not sponsor those players. If the associations, teams and players start to believe they will lose sponsorship they will stop cheating.

Who is with me?



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