Ronaldo, Christiano … Manchester United

February 13, 2007


Sponsors  (according to a fan site):

Nike Pro, Coca Cola, Fuji Xerox, Extra Joss, Suzuki, EA sports (FIFA street 2)

February 2007 Diving or “Simulation” in box

versus: Tottenham, resulted in penalty

Punishment: none

Final score: Tottenham 0-4 Manchester United

Well known for cheating which led to England being knocked out of the World Cup by portugal he seems to take great glee from his cheating, smiling like a cheshire cat afterwards. He most recently went down in the box against Tottenham Hotspur, replays clearly show he was not touched. A penalty was given.


3 Responses to “Ronaldo, Christiano … Manchester United”

  1. dufft Says:

    he is number 1…cristiano is my life!!!!!!J LOVEEEEEEEEE VERY MUCH CRIS…..

  2. This is exactly the problem. People idolising a cheat. That’s why they continue.

  3. nick gale Says:

    Why should some one with so much talent feel the need to fall to the floor at every oppurtunity .I watched his dive against midlesborough (bad spelling)the other day which won man united the replay ,this is after his dive won man united the replay in the first place i would like to see some action taken by the FA for these events to stop anyone in the future from wrecking the great british game of football.

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