2007.02.14 letter to the FA 01

February 16, 2007

Dear sir/madam

I have started a website today called sportscheat.wordpress.com. It is to represent people disillusioned with the Premier League where blatant cheating missed by referees (they can’t see everything) is not punished on video evidence.

We believe that the FA should be more concerned with cheating then fingers to the mouth or hands to the ear. We have set up a petition for you at the site.

I had given out the email address: footballforall@thefa.com as it was the only place that mentioned ethics. I am encouraging fans to send you emails.If this is not the correct address then let me know and I will change the link.

We are also giving out the email addresses of sponsors of the Premier League and any player caught cheating on camera and are asking people to email them to let them know their products are being boycotted.

Lets kick cheats out of football!

I look forward to your prompt reply.


midnightjester- disgusted with cheating in sport and a football fan for 26 years
website: sportscheat.wordpress.com

The promise:

Thank you for contacting The FA. You will receive a response within 5 working days as stated in The FA Customer Charter. Please note The Customer Relations Unit is not in a position to elaborate on any FA statements. If your issue is urgent please contact our Customer Relations Unit on 0207 745 4545 between 9.15am and 5.00pm on weekdays.


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