2007.02.23 letter from the FA03

February 23, 2007

Hi *midnightjester*

Thank you for your considered response.

I am more than happy for you to mark your correspondence for my attention, however, I am unable to give you my direct contact details. I completely agree that communication works best when you know who you are communicating with, but regrettably, I am unable to engage individually with each supporter that contacts The FA. The Customer Relations Unit dealt with over 200,000 queries on all areas of the game last year. The sheer volume makes it impossible for us to enter into debate with each and every one.

To reiterate, The FA believes that all forms of unsporting behaviour are to the detriment of the integrity of the game. This integrity is paramount and as a result, The FA has led the way in using video technology for disciplinary matters, both to prosecute and allow appeals. However, our scope is restricted by FIFA. The FA are in on-going discussions with FIFA on retrospective disciplinary action, and have raised diving as a priority area where video evidence could be used.

You can find contact details for all of the clubs in the Professional Game in England as well as contact details for the Leagues, UEFA and FIFA within The FA’s Football Directory published here – http://www.TheFA.com/TheFA/ContactUs/Postings/2004/06/FA_Directory

I wish you all the best with your campaign and thank you once again for bringing it to our attention.

Kind regards,

Alex Howells | Customer Relations Officer
The Football Association
25 Soho Square | London | W1D 4FA


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