I.F.A.B. is far from FAB

March 4, 2007

The I.F.A.B. (International Football Association Board) met on Saturday 03 March 2006 and cheating within football was not on the agenda. Link to official FA coverage [here]. The good news is they have agreed to the experimentation with goal-line technology. Too late for Paddy Mendes’ winning goal for Spurs against Man U at Old Trafford some years ago but welcome nonetheless (Spurs fan- had to put that in, sorry).

I had hoped for something more but quite frankly you can tell this is about money and not the good of the game. One of the provisions concerning the contact on microphone between referee and linesman is

A protocol for referees’ communication systems was established, specifying that the system should only link the match officials, that it is not broadcast and that it is not recorded.

I can understand and indeed might argue in favour of it not being broadcast live but surely having a record of what is said on the pitch can only be for the good of the game. It would also catch out players who attempt to intimidate referees or swear at them. Making it easier for a ref to justify to fans just why he handed out a yellow/ red card. How is that for the good of the game?

Why the I.F.A.B. could find time to address players

celebrate[ing] a goal by covering their head or face by a mask or similar item

for an unknown reason but not players deliberately changing the outcome of a game illegally for profit is quite beyond this poor sports fan.

We at sportscheat.org received our third reply from the FA last week which was nothing short of a brush off and we will be sending Mr. Howells essentially the same letter again and asking him to take his time answering as we are sure he is a busy man but would like it properly addressed. Considering the politeness and care of his previous reply there is no reason for anyone to get too annoyed.

To reiterate to any new readers of sportscheat bulletins we are in favour of using video evidence after games to retroactively punish players with bans and teams with points deductions for blatant cheating. We believe that a team and player knowing a 3-point deduction would be on the cards for a “false penalty” would return honesty to the game with players owning up when they know there was no contact and prevent them from “leaving their foot in” to deliberately draw penalties.

We see no difference between this cheating and what happened in Italy as both are designed to illegally effect the outcome of games for profit.



One Response to “I.F.A.B. is far from FAB”

  1. pr smith Says:

    Agree. Idiotic stopping players elebrating like that. Also why has shirt swapping been stopped? It’s great for kids to see players swap shirts.

    I seriously doubt FIFA’s commmitment to Fair Play after the recent France v ireland world cup debacle. See http://www.greatmomentsofsportsmanship.com/?p=322#more-322

    Possibly th ebest pressure for FIFA is to target the sponsors and demand Fair Play action by FIFA.

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