I can’t think of any in British football in the last 5 years. Let me know if you see one…

hero_dicanio.jpg1. Paolo Di Canio, West Ham, Italian

Winner, “2001 FIFA Fair Play award. The previous December, in a match against Everton, in a noteworthy display of sportsmanship, Di Canio shunned a goal scoring opportunity and caught the ball while the Everton goalkeeper Paul Gerrard was lying injured on the ground. FIFA described the act as “a special act of good sportsmanship.

He was also the OPTA player of the season 1998-99. He scored the BBC Goal of the Season in 2000 with a volley against Wimbledon, which is still considered among the best goals in Premiership history. In this season he was also voted Hammer of the Year by the club’s fans. ” – Wikipedia

When will we see sportsmanship like that from a quality player again?

-most information courtesy of Wikipedia


3 Responses to “acts of sportsmanship”

  1. Scotty Says:

    Not sure which game it was but, Paulo DiCanio, when playing for West Ham stopped play when the opposition Goalkeeper went down in the box. He had an open goal at the time, as I recall.

  2. True, I remember it well, also don’t remember who it was against, though. Any more out there?

  3. pr smith Says:

    As mentioned it was Everton in 2001. Full story is in my book, Great Moments of Sportsmanship (www.GreatMomentsofSportsmanship.com. You can also see the moment in action on the web site

    Buckets more stories about sportsmanship in the book and additional ones on the blog.

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