To link to the petition CLICK HERE. The wording of the petition is:

We, the undersigned, believe sports and the conduct of players within them are an example and reflection of society’s principles. When principles of fair play and decency are not shown on the field of play society will start to reflect that, just as it will if principles are shown.

We, the undersigned, are tired of cheating in sports going unpunished. We want to see real penalties for cheating in the English Premiership and beyond. We call on you, FIFA, the English Football Association, the Premiership teams, the players and sponsors to effect change.

We, the undersigned, call for detailed post match analysis of Premiership games, as well as games in other sports and leagues, especially pinpointing successful attempts to cheat. We call for resulting in match bans for players and, most importantly, points deducted for their teams.

We, the undersigned, are positive that points deductions, specifically, and not fines are required to make sure that teams, managers and players are motivated toward honesty in their play, knowing that cheating is too large a risk.

Please sign, and then please go to our “send a letter page” to send an email complaining about cheating in sports and calling for harsh punishment of players and teams.




5 Responses to “1. sign the petition”

  1. Neil Forman Says:

    Lets all pull together and kill the cheats.

  2. Paul J White Says:

    Saw the letter on True Faith and thought I’d lend my support. Diving, faking injury and intimidating referees has become an unpleasant but all too common feature in football. Let’s put a stop to it!

  3. Dear Paul,

    Thanks for popping in, we appreciate it.


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