February 14th 2007 email written to: Mr. Purcell, editor MirrorOnline

Dear Mr. Purcell,

This is off-topic but this is also the only contact option I can find for the mirror so- apologies in that regard.

My disgust for unpunished blatant cheating in The Premiership has reached such levels that I have, from today, committed part of my free time to starting a pressure website against cheating.

It is sportscheat.wordpress.com.

In it we encourage people to (1) sign a petition against cheating, (2) send emails to the FIFA, the FA and Barclays, sponsors of the Premiership, (3) boycott products that sponsor cheats.

With limited publicity (mention on a couple of blogs) the petition is already up to 50 signatories in just a few hours and the site has 100s of hits.

Is there any way someone at The Mirror, a paper synonymous with English football, would give it publicity/ become involved/ actively campaign against cheats?


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