February 14th 2007 email written to: sportcomment@thetimes.co.uk

Dear sir/madam,

My name is Kevin Marshall and I am a fan of the English Premiership.

My disgust for unpunished blatant cheating in the English game has reached such levels that I have, from today, committed part of my free time to starting a pressure website against cheating. Behaviour of sports players is a way to influence the behaviour of children and society as a whole.

The site is sportscheat.wordpress.com.

In it we encourage people to (1) sign a petition against cheating, (2) send emails to the FIFA, the FA and Barclays, sponsors of the Premiership, (3) boycott products that sponsor cheats.

We are proposing that the FA bring in bans for players and points deductions for teams that allow cheating.

With limited publicity (mention on a couple of blogs) the petition is already almost 50 signatories in just a few hours and the site has 100s of hits.

Is there any way someone at The Times, a paper known for it’s sense of propriety and fair play, would give it publicity/ become involved/ do a story on the site and how fans are fed up with cheating/ actively campaign against cheats?


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