14 February 2007:

Dear sir/madam

I have started a website today called sportscheat.wordpress.com. It is to represent people disillusioned with the Premier League and sports in general where blatant cheating missed by referees (they can’t see everything) is not punished on video evidence.

We believe that FIFA should be more concerned with cheating then fingers to the mouth or hands to the ear during goal celebrations (new FA regulations for 2007/2008 season). We have set up a petition for you at the site.

We are also giving out the email addresses of sponsors of the Premier League and of any player caught cheating on camera and are asking people to email them to let them know their products are being boycotted.

Lets kick cheats out of football!

I look forward to your prompt reply.


midnightjester- disgusted with cheating in sport and a football fan for 26 years
website: sportscheat.wordpress.com

Reply from FIFA, an autoreply with no further reference email 14 Feb 2007

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for the e-mail enquiry you have sent to contact@fifa.org. In line with FIFA’s communication principles, we strive to answer as many enquiries as possible. However, due to the great number we receive, we are not in a position to provide specific replies to all of your questions or comply with your requests in every case.

In many instances, the information you are looking for will be available on FIFA.com or the official FIFA World Cup™ site, http://www.fifaworldcup.com . We invite you to kindly start off by visiting our homepage http://www.fifa.com and trying the following:

•       Search function at the top right
•       Quick links at the bottom of the homepage to a wide range of information, including the international match calendar, the list of players’ agents etc.
•       the FIFA Factsheets (->Regulations and Directories), where you will find specific information and links to publications etc.

For information on non-FIFA competitions, such as the continental championships and club events organised by the confederations, we suggest that you visit the website of the respective organisation. Address information and links to the sites can be found on the confederation index page on FIFA.com:


Kind regards,
FIFA Communications Division


4 Responses to “Letter to FIFA”


    Dear sir/madam, David is my name,I’m a young man living in GHANA.Please i have a new idea, Please permit me to refer to FIFA law 12 – fouls and misconduct relating to send off offenses who is guilty of serious foul play.This idea is about how to deal with players who makes such a reckless tackles which result in a serous injury.I want to know how to send my proposal to fifa.For this brilliant idea of mine be part of FIFA laws or rules.

  2. jerrel lagadeau Says:

    Dear Mr.Blatter,my name is Jerrel Lagadeau,i recently sent you an information package,by regular airmail,about the new football shoe i invented.I didnt receive a reply,so i am just checking to see if Mr Blatter receive the mail.I am looking forward to a reply,thank you.

  3. ronnie robert oei Says:

    i hope and pray FIFA lets George T, Arifin P and Nirwan B to follow election of executive of PSSI….because it is mean FIFA help Indonesia more competitive in soccer……i am only Indonesian that like soccer will better in my country. i am not political or friend of them, but everyday in my country I am hear in TV many many people talk about why they cant have a chance to be new executive of PSSI??

  4. MANDIANGU Says:

    Messieurs et dames de la fifa, je suis à kinshasa en république Démocratique du Congo je voulais vs informer et demander aussi les informations concernant le manque de respect des lois de football dans notre pays, le 24/03/2014 il y a eu un match de tour pré-liminaire de la coupe du congo entre AS Dragon et SC Arc-en-ciel et l’As dragon à aligné un joueur qui s’appelle TULENGI N° de licence 930102003, le joueur TULENGI avait réçu 2 cartons jaunes, un lors de la prémière journée contre AFRICANA EXPRESS et le deuxième en demie finale contre la même équipe AFRICANA EXPRESS, donc par rapport à la loi de la compétition dans l’article 8 le joueur qui a eu deux carton est d’office suspendu pour le prochaine match mais à la grande surprise le même joueur a joué le match de la finale et la ligue qui avait déjà hologué les resusltats des matchs avant la finale et la liste des cartons est incapable de sanctioner l’AS Dragon donc si vraiment nous continuons avec des dirigeant qui sont incompetent dans la matière pour prendre de décision est la fifa n’est peut pas prendre de sanction contre de telles personnes et de club?

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