These are players Caught Cheating by referees

2005/2006 Last year, by 26th March there had been 75 cards given for simulation according to The Telegraph. Here some are:

||| BOLTON (4) El Hadji Diouf, Dec 10; Ben Haim, Dec 10; Stelios, Dec 26; Vaz Te, March 11

||| ASTON VILLA (3) Baros, Aug 26; Baros, Nov 26; Hendrie, Dec 3.

||| CHELSEA (2) J Cole, Sept 10; Robben, Sept 24

||| PORTSMOUTH (2) Viafara, Aug 23; Vukic, Oct 1

||| BIRMINGHAM (1) Lazaridis, Nov 5.

||| BLACKBURN (1) Reid, Jan 14.

||| CHARLTON (1) Ambrose, Oct 22.

||| FULHAM (1) Volz, Oct 29.

||| LIVERPOOL (1) Sissoko, Jan 29.

||| MAN UTD (1) Van Nistelrooy, Aug 28

Click here to soccernest’s current card tally in the premiership, no seperate stats for simulation, though.

Caught cheating by the press/ television/ fans

Please add yours in the comments box below, I only watch Spurs matches after all. Only clear cut, blatant and deliberate cheating- no 50/50 calls. If you’re not sure then it’s not cheating


5 Responses to “Caught Cheating”

  1. Neil Forman Says:

    Swines you have beaten me to the idea. We must stamp out cheating preferably on said cheats necks.

    However from briefly scanning through your pages it seems a little anti Man U. Dont get me wrong i hate them too but then i hate anyone who plays the toon, however for the good of the game we all love we must get rid ov cheating. Toon players do it too, take damien duff last week against the belgians he cheated for the penalty plain and simple.

    Lets call it what it is. It is not simulation or acting it is CHEATING.

    In the words of Pink Floyd. We can all pull together as a team. and rid OUR game of this nuisance.

  2. Dear Neil,

    Please, please, please feel free to volunteer time to help out if you’re keen on the idea. We need as many volunteers as possible.

    Why did you feel it comes across anti ManU? Is it because there are to Manchester United players on the list at the moment?


  3. Martin Cook Says:

    I think for too long (mainly due to foreigners coming to our shores) it’s been largely accepted that diving/simulation is going to be part of our game. Lets stamp it out, as it could potentially costs clubs millions of pounds. I don’t think the top teams cheat more than others, i just think that media will always highlight the top teams fortunes anyway (ie getting a suspect pen, or having a perfectly good goal dissallowed against them)

    I’m 110% behing this website as it sickens me when teams fall foul of these scumbags for trying to gain an unfair advantage.

    Just a few instances that boil my p1ss;

    Solkskaer hauling down rob lee when clean through on goal (about 10 years ago but i’m still bitter and i HATE this cheating fcuk)

    Zakora’s Pen was disgraceful, can’t remember the opposition mind but my heart goes out to them.

    Horse face was one of the biggest con artists around…good riddance

    Then there’s Drogba – Brick sh1t house? Na, a diver/cheat/con artist. Good player when he’s not being a d1ck mind.

    Of course you’ve got players from my team NUFC like duff who dived for the pen, Taylor who doubles up as a second goalkeeper on occasions!

    Get Rid of CHEATS.

    PS Shepherd Out

    PPS Alreet Foreman

  4. Hi Martin,

    Kudos to you for mentioning your own teams players along with other teams. I agree it’s not just the top teams that do it. Zokora was against Portsmouth. Click 201 sports cheats on the right hand side to see cheats listed so far.

    If you are willing to volunteer some time to help publicise the site/ do research etc. then let me know. The more volunteers the merrier.


  5. Paul Byrne Says:

    Gilardino for AC Milan against Celtic in the Champions League.

    Can I also suggest you post links to videos to show up the divers/cheats?

    Gila’s is here:

    Another, even more ridiculous one!:

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