By contribute we mean words. Or anything else you think might be useful. This site is for all fans. We need to admit when our teams’ players cheat to get rid of it.

So, if you want to let me know of a cheat in a game please write to me AFTER FIRST CLICKING HERE AND SEEING IF THEY ARE MENTIONED ALREADY in which case you just add comments below about things you see happen.

If they are new put their name and what they did along with a link to a reputable news site with a story about it and, preferably, information about who sponsors the player and team (also, if possible, with supporting links to the information) so we can post it all here.

Click here for comments from the petition signatories

Corporations who sponsor cheats such as Nike and Coca-Cola make it very difficult to access email addresses of people within the company. If you have access to email addresses for those sponsors let us know so we can email them.

What people have written:

Jim Duggan of to quit in disgust

Steve Best says football is totally corrupt

Sir Toby questions the FA’s priorities

Skin wants red cards for pressurising referees

Anderson quits watching football after 40yrs because of cheating

Scotty blames the publicity machine

Paul is disillusioned over Thierry Henry’s about-turn on diving

Please write your comments below so I can include them in this list.

Many Thanks,



2 Responses to “3. contribute 6 minutes”

  1. Paul Says:

    I for one am particularly disappointed to see that one player I greatly respect, Theirry Henry, has turned to diving.

    It has seemed to be ignored greatly by the press but he has dived in two high profile games, both against Manchester United and against Wigan.

    I genuinely believed he was above this. I am hardly likely to be his biggest fan as I am a Tottenham Hotspur supporter but I had so much respect for a man who had achieved as much as he has in the game without even a tad of cheating associated with his name.

    He was even quoted as saying, “I do not dive because I am not a woman”. It seems Henry has had a sex change this season then as he has certainly been diving!

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