hi, i would like to say that with the cheating in football it has come to the point that after 40years support, i shane anderson will not pay to go to another game, look at the wigan game the referee cheated, and paul jewel got reported, why not the referee for cheating a team out of three points, manchester utd all ways cheat, they should of had two players sent off, cheats,, arsenal, cheats, chelsea, cheats, i am just so fed up where you are taking are game you are going to kill it, the supporters you will get are what you desever, look at italia football, look in holland, its coming here, if its not here already, why would i want to take my children to a man utd game where cheating swearing and asault are comon place..
all i can say to anyone stay away, dont pay sky sports, then see what they do with your game, they come into the game to get your money, they dont care for the fans, your just the fool that keeps paying for them to entertain you, and thats what they do, real football is dead, wanna bet



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