107.    Iain M. Bishop     The real problem of endemic cheating in sport and in particular in professional football, simply must be tackled.
106.    Marc Trainis     Stop these Cheats before they kill our beloved game
105.    Keith Drew     English Football is the best in the world, KEEP IT THAT WAY, and stamp out cheating
104.    Tom Welch
103.    Simon -jd- Bradley     Stamp out the cheats.
102.    David Hook     It’s time – for the good of the sport
101.    Charles D. Leibrand
100.    Sagar Chadha     stop this nonsense, ronaldo is a prime example of the extent to which this situation has gotten out of hand. The man blatantly dives and the referee does nothing about it except award him a penalty, please, for God’s sake, stop this make a better policy or something. I think when God was sitting down two weeks ago with Michael and Gabriel, watching the Tottenham Man U game from Heaven, even HE must have been appaulled at ronaldo’s action, and for all intensive purposes, I guess we know where ronaldo will be going when he passes. that cheater.
99.    Tim Ip
98.    Trev     Cut out the cheating you over paid ponces.
97.    Luke Bender     Cheating has got to be stamped out, the punishments for doing so are not severe enough to prevent the cheats from doing so over the potential rewards and is costing players, managers teams and clubs prestige, opportunity and money, it is about time something is done about this
96.    Steve Walter
95.    M Lunn
94.    sk_2005     Players should be banned for at least 3 games minimum and if that cheating led to a goal or penalty then a panel should be able to increase the number of games that the player is banned for.
92.    Mr Andrew Parker BSc
91.    Sean Sadler
90.    Austen Merritt
89.    mike heyes
88.    joseph fletcher     Don’t let the game continue as a farce.
87.    Richard Crisp
86.    Steve Charles     Cheating needs to be discouraged by player bans & possible point deductions. Players cheat & get away with it. Where’s the incentive for them not to!?
85.    Simon Larkin     Cheating is ruining our game and should be a manditory sending off and 3 match ban.Our players need to start behaving like men again
84.    David Payne
83.    Paul Harrison     This is making the game un-watchable. You cant stand to watch the remainder of a game when you team is cheated, and when your team cheats it embarrasing.
82.    James Thompson
81.    Mark Saunders
80.    Ronnie Leigh
79.    Oliver Kirkman
78.    Mikkel Erland Jensen     Fair play
77.    Garry Osborne
76.    Roy Pavett     you MUST act to stamp out cheats in our wonderful game
75.    Paul Miles
74.    Robert Fuzzard     Stop cheating in football. The English FA are ruining our game by not doing anything. The money us fans pay should be used to sort this problem.
73.    Richard Badowski
72.    Niclas Scott
71.    Ben Abolins
70.    David Bedford     Ê
69.    Nicholas Clapp
68.    irfaan dalvie
67.    Andreas Wadd
66.    myles beerman
65.    andy gallyer     the only way to eradicate this is to use video replays available to the fourth official, this will only take a few seconds for a decision to be made with a fair out come, and it will not disrupt the flow of the game you see it many other sports, so why not football?
64.    scott mckerney     sick of seeing refs buckle in front of large crowds
63.    kevin breslin     losing faith in the greatest game
62.    terry bonsor
61.    Stuart Boyce     Spurs fan all 32 yrs of my life
60.    Sven Carlsson
59.    Kerry Boykos     Cheating will be the death of the beautiful game. To the English FA – why is it that Spurs get chastised for showing the truth on the screens at half time ..why is it that Man U were not chastised for Roy Carrols blatant deceit – why is it that FIFA kept quiet about Italys blatent dive in the world cup which put Australia out , but then admitted after the cup that they should have gone through – gutless dishonesty from both bodies – they obviously support cheating – our game is in peril.
58.    Daniel Cleaver
57.    Ryan Jarvis
56.    Jonathan Harkin     Disenchanted with the game of football due to the actions of cheating players such as Christiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Emannuel Eboue, El Hadji Diouf etc etc
55.    Edmond N Kelly     Use video replays for suspect decisions
54.    Edward Beckett     Roy Carroll is a penis
53.    Tom Chetcuti     Cheating’s gonna kill the beautiful game if we don’t stop it.
52.    John Robertson
51.    Finlay Galbraith     cheating is gay
50.    olford     disgracefull cheating
49.    Alex Bosier
48.    Jason Stone
47.    Matthew Benney
46.    will
45.    Ian Nicholas
44.    ariel marshall
43.    Jake Rudman
42.    Matthew Miller
41.    Allan Mølgaard Larsen     Lets kick cheats out of football.
40.    adam keates
39.    Vince Philpot
38.    wow 37 signatures!
37.    PAUL MILLS     After such a disgraceful World Cup where it was blatant for all to see that FIFA allowed larger more powerful nations to impose their will over smaller nations I, for one, thought that something would be done. What a simpleton I am, because FIFA and the FA have both shown they prefer to hide behind legalities instead of facing the corrupt side of football. Shame on both these so called organisations that supposedly are in place to protect the very game we all love
36.    Michael Pryke     reward sportspeople for honesty
35.    Ben Giles
34.    daniel sung
33.    Derek Raymond Moreton     It is time that the FA stood up against cheating.
32.    Vikki Cox
31.    Simon Vogel
30.    Torbjörn Carlsson
29.    james
28.    James Tunney     As a life-long football fan I feel that action has to be taken against the cheats (divers particularly) who threaten to ruin our game
27.    Marc Harrison
26.    steve houghton     it is possible cheating is now officially sanctioned as the refs decisions too often go the way of the big four champions league teams ie wigan v arsenal
25.    Philip Atkinson
24.    Kevin     i agree, cheats should be banned when found out, just as players found of violent conduct are banned after video inspection
23.    Matt Stevenson
22.    Ian Campbell     extend it to respect for the officials, any dissent should be heavily pinished.
21.    Jon Collis     Cheating will turn people away
20.    James Corden
19.    Rob Gooch     Bring back the game
18.    Denis Lyon
17.    mark downer
16.    dale Newbery
15.    Christian Lorentzen
14.    David Griffiths
13.    Neil Casson     Technology must be brought in to assist the referees in football – the four crucial areas are: was the player offside, was the foul in the penalty area, was the ball over the line and most crucially, eradicate the cheats and divers from football – the fans, the clubs and the integrity of the sport are undermined here. Retrospective punishments and sanctions against offending players/clubs must be brought in if the referees cannot or do not act at the time.
12.    John Maillard
11.    andy cooke
10.    Peter North
9.    joe wilby
8.    Paul Tench
7.    anderson     im fed up with poor referees, cheating, youll not get a penny more from me, and me family, i will encourage my friends to make a stand and not got to games until you stop cheating
6.    Roger Powell     The FA should act to eliminate cheating instead of condoning it.
5.    Jim Duggan     The authorities should kick out the cheats and if not the fans should walk away
4.    Scott Roffey
3.    David Rhodes
2.    Paul Redding     If video evidence is used to investigate incidents of foul play etc surely it should also be used to investigate incidents of cheating, Whatever happened to ungentlemenly conduct anyway ??
1.    Kevin Marshall


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