I’m glad you retain the enthusiasm but I’ve lost it big time over the last few years – Spurs just exist to rip off the fans while the football environment is just corrupt and being run by the G14 and not the authorties. Later this week, I’ll be formally closing the editorial which has been going since 2000. I’m at the stage where I don’t care whether spurs win or lose and get bored very easily at matches – I’m finished.

In my experience you can get angry about these sort of things, most fans won’t support it (no  matter how much sense it makes) and if you allow logic to rule like I have the only rational course of action is to cut back your football intake or even finish it

As I said before, I feel for your anger but am also aware where fans fit into the football equation and its only gonna satisfy your need to be doing something rather than getting anyone to change anything. And as I said before, good luck!



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