I too have had my concerns re: cheating for several years now but after watching the Spurs v Arsenal CCSF, and Spurs v Man Utd PL matches recently I am now convinced that Football is totally corrupt.

It is blatantly clear that the ‘men in blazers’ who control the game ‘engineer’ the results to suit the clubs in which they have a vested interest. The game at the Emirates Stadium was not won by superb footballing skills but with strange refereeing decisions given against the visiting side, causing a reluctance to tackle or challenge opponents for fear of Red cards, the card count for and against proof positive (Spurs 5 Arsenal 1), so we move on to Sundays match against Man Utd, once again strange refereeing decisions, frustration building through the home team after watching the away team being dealt with leniently for crashing challenges, (how Paul Scholes remained on the pitch, let alone won MotM god only knows), then to cap it all having a penalty awarded for an obvious dive, and we have to remember that the same ref ‘missed’ a goal at Old Trafford, is enough to destroy any teams resolve. We see it week in week out, you could substitute any club for Spurs.

Any my point here is that the modern game is now a farce with 2 Clubs having a total dominance of the Premier League, these being Man Utd and Arsenal, and the title was deemed to be Man Utds way back in September, Arsenal having moved into a new stadium and requesting a little time to ‘bed it in’, sorry Chelsea but I don’t think you will win the title or the Carling Cup because you are a maverick club which sits uncomfortably within the Premier League structure, you don’t belong to the G14 group and with Roman Abramovich you don’t have to pander to the media moguls, proof of this being the Spurs v Chelsea match which saw some ‘dodgy’ decisions awarded in favour of the home club. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this years FA cup final is between Man Utd and Arsenal.

I could cite further examples, Arsenal v Wigan etc.

So to sum up, time now for a big shake up in football, with the G14 clubs forming a European superleague, with no relegation, (no way back) The rest of the clubs regrouping as a British league to include Scotland, revert back to leagues 1,2,3 and 4. The management structure to be ‘headed up’ by an independent business group made up of individuals possibly from outside the sport, and a complete overhaul of the match officials, they need to be efficient, unbiased and independent, (if only we could clone Collina).

Theoretically this structure should improve the national teams and eventually return the game to the masses, which should hopefully remove the cynicism coursing through the game, and eventually result in the G14 clubs being a stand alone unit with only the Media cash to support it, perhaps they could pipe in the sounds of cheering crowds?

Would we miss them?

Steve Best


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