[Link] Click here to go to the petition to see who supports an end to cheating.

Will the clubs come out in favour of an end to cheating?

[Link] We send letters to the clubs and managers: will any publicly come outagainst cheating and support retrospective action like player bans or points deductions?

Websites supporting an end to cheating

general news
www.soccerblog.com … Thanks Christian

team websites
pushandrun.com… thanks Laus.
topspurs.com… cheers Jim!
yourshoutspurs.blogspot.com… thanks Scotty.
spurs.wordpress.com… me

non-sport sites
The Hero Workshop… appreciate it Matt!
midnightjester.wordpress.com… me


2 Responses to “supporters of the cause”

  1. Scotty Says:

    Time this plague was rooted out of our game. Unfortunately, from the football authorities point of view, I’m sure they see any publicity as good publicity. If people are ‘talking’ about their product (ie. football), it will attract more attention, more interest, hence, more revenue.
    This is the only reason, IMO, that something wasn’t done years ago.

  2. Melina Says:

    very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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