Clubs, managers and coaches publicly in favour of retrospective action* for cheating

Ummm…. none so far

*- player bans and point deductions.

Click here to end an email to your club requiring that they take action against cheating

Letters (emails) have been sent to…

Tottenham Hotspur … (2007.02.14… no reply yet)

West Ham United … (2007.02.14… autoreply 2007.02.15… no real reply yet)

Newcastle United … (2007.02.15…no reply yet)

In the Press…

Please be aware that the press has been known to twist truths in search of a good story. Nonetheless…

…against retroactive punishment

Alex Ferguson, 29/03/2006 in the Daily Telegraph: “The biggest problem in stopping it is that you can’t give a red card for diving,” Ferguson said. “The referees are not allowed to do it. They can give a yellow, but that doesn’t have the same impact. … Ferguson is sceptical about the use of video replays to apportion retrospective blame…


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