2007.02.14 sent to:  public.relations@tottenhamhotspur.com

Dear sir/madam,

My name is *midnightjester*, I am 34, a huge a fan of Premiership football and have been a Spurs supporter since the age of 6.

My disgust for unpunished blatant cheating in The Premiership has reached such levels that I have, from today, committed part of my free time to starting a pressure website against cheating.

It is sportscheat.wordpress.com.

In it we encourage people to (1) sign a petition against cheating, (2) send emails to the FIFA, the FA and Barclays, sponsors of the Premiership, (3) boycott products that sponsor cheats.

It turns out I am not the only one upset. With limited publicity (mention on a couple of blogs) the petition is already up to 50 signatories in just a few hours and the site has 100s of hits. So I have expanded it to include sections where owners and coaches can go on the record stating that they:

“Support retroactive punishment including the banning of players and deduction of points from teams in order to eradicate blatant cheating.”

It is quite simple: if players know a judging panel will deduct points, possibly even more than they gain through cheating, the incentive to cheat (professional fouls, simulation, call it them what you will) disappears entirely.

I have 2 tough questions:
(1) Does Tottenham Hotspur support cheating in football?
(2) Will Tottenham Hotspur’s Daniel Levy, Damien Comolli and Martin Jol go on the record supporting the above retroactive penalties for players and clubs. If not, why not?

Since Spurs are always near the top of the fair play leagues and I cannot remember anyone besides Zokora commiting a blatant or professional foul in recent times I do hope your answers are simply “yes” and “yes”.

Please visit the site and consider becoming involved.



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