We would love your help, we need your help. We need your time, if you have little time there are 2 things you can do that are incredibly quick. Contact midnightjester@sportscheat.org.

(1) [CLICK HERE] to send a ready-written email to Sky News asking them to come out against cheating in football and help lead the campaign. (not working properly yet)
(2) start a chain letter (or “viral email”) of your own

Start a viral email

A viral email is one that travels by being copied and forwarded to friends. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH VIRUSES. It is a:

“chain letter”

If you support this site and it’s principles copy the below text and send it to your friends. Only send it to friends who (a) enjoy sport, (b) have children or (c) would be interested. If you send it to everyone it is spam. We do not support spamming on this website.

I am sick of cheating in sport in general and football in particular. I want to see the football leagues, and English Premier League specifically, institute 5 match bans and team point deductions based on video evidence for cases of blatant cheating.

Cheating not only has a negative effect on fans enjoyment of the game, it also doesn’t set a great example for the young (Will Young?) the dumb (Paris Hilton) and the impressionable (George W. Bush).

I encourage you to go to www.sportscheat.wordpress.com and sign the petition and perhaps send a few letters (pre-typed if you are pressed for time) to the FA, FIFA and media supporting the ideas. Please forward this to all your friends who might be interested.

That’s it!


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